• TUGBOAT SMK Disposable Vape Wholesale Dual Vertical Coil

    TUGBOAT SMK Disposable Vape Wholesale Dual Vertical Coil

    Features of Flavours

    1. Mango accessories its profile with a hint of strawberry that will leaving you wanting more.

    2. Mythical blue raspbemies are juiced to reveal the sweet but tangy favor that will capture the attention of your taste buds.

    3. The mixing of berries and fn its not only brings the fusion of taste, but also brings a comprehensive suction experience full of senses.

    4. Fly high with this favor, a strong and sweet frlitytaste of Red Bull Vape it, you can imbibe the energizing taste gandfeel of stimulation.

    5. Purple Rain is an iresistible fruit slush of an eliquid with a delicious balance of tangy raspberries and sweet blueberies and a sulbtle hint of lemon.

    6. A perfect blend of aloe vera and grape flavor that perfectly captures a sweet and tangy favor that leads to a refreshing cool frost sensation on every exhale.

    7. Summertime watemelons bursting with flavor are exposed to the winty chill of menthol to create this delectable fu uity vape.

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