WOTOFO Wafer 600puffs

  • Disposable Mini E Cigarette Wotofo 600 Puffs Disposable Vape

    Disposable Mini E Cigarette Wotofo 600 Puffs Disposable Vape


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    2. Melon ice
    3. Rainbow Candy
    4. Strawberry watermelon
    5. Lush Ice
    6. Cola Ice
    7. Blueberry Ice
    8. Mango Ice
    9. Blackberry Ice
    10. Mixed Berry
    11. Passionfruit honey Grapfruit
    12. Chocolate Mint
    13. Strawberry Kiwi
    14. Pineapple Ice
    15. Dragon fruit Strawberry
    16. Vietnamese Ice Coffee
    17. Hawaiian
    18. Fuji apple strawberry Nectarines ( F.A.S.N)
    19. Rum Grape Ice Cream
    20. cool mint
    21. banana papaya
    22. Cherry Juice Ice
    23. V Energydrink Guarana
    24. Blackberry and Bramley Apple
  • WOTOFO Wafer 600puffs Colourful Perfect Disposable Vape

    WOTOFO Wafer 600puffs Colourful Perfect Disposable Vape

    What You Will Love About the Wotofo Wafer Vape Pen

    At Wotofo, we take pride in our ability to provide an unmatched vaping experience to all our customers. The Wotofo Wafer Vape Pen is the culmination of the efforts made by our R&D and manufacturing team to develop a device that offers a premium vaping experience to curious vaping enthusiasts at a fraction of the cost of owning and using a more expensive device.

    Expect decent vapor production with each hit, a very good flavor profile, and a significant amount of puffs to fully enjoy the vaping experience and decide whether the vaping is for you. The slim and sleek design of the Wotofo Wafer Vape Pen adds the convenience of taking it with you wherever you go without worrying about where to store it. Fit it into a pocket without worrying about it bulking up your pants or taking up too much space.

    Here’s a look at some of the things that you will love about the Wotofo Wafer Vape Pen.

    Slim, Sleek & Compact Design

    With dimensions of just 13 mm by 20 mm by 105 mm, the Wotofo Wafer Vape Pen looks exactly like its name suggests, a wafer. However, the design is sleek and smooth, giving it an excellent feel in your hand. The device takes up very little space and you can take it with you wherever you go.

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