WOTOFO Poster 1000puffs

  • Wotofo Poster E-Liquid Juice Disposable Vape Pen1000puffs

    Wotofo Poster E-Liquid Juice Disposable Vape Pen1000puffs

    True to our word, we cater to all our customers, no matter their flavor preferences. The 3.3 ml e-liquid capacity ensures that you can enjoy any of these exotic flavors without having to compromise on the experience due to limited flavor options.

    Powerful Performance

    An impressive 600 mAh battery capacity combines with the 1.6 Ohm resistance rating for its wire coil to deliver a power-packed puff count. The low resistance rating and high battery capacity strike the perfect balance to let you enjoy decent vapor production with each puff and can deliver up to 1000 flavorful hits with the Wotofo Poster Vape Pen.

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